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Three dimensional wooden nautical maps. It’s semi-automatic and semi-handmade item of art at the same time.
All maps are made of birch wood layers cut by pro laser beam.

Each layer matches lines and curves of real land relief, as well as submarine relief with defined step until the sea bottom. Layers are colored, varnished and glued together by hands of qualified master.

On-line shop

Here you can choose and purchase maps and watches with ready-made mock-ups.

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Map constructor

Here you can create a mock-up of your own map in accordance with your parameters and requests in case you have not found required mock-up in the online store.
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Our advantages

The nautical map from Wooden Map is an original and very special gift that will surprise even the most experienced person

We can produce customized maps of almost any area of the world.

We love our job and the value our reputation, which is naturally reflected in our maps that come at us just to URA

We love to experiment, and always happy to support any wish of our client.



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